Tech Tool Presentation

"I think this rocks!"

Before you complete the project, please view this video.


1) Select a new gadget or technology tool. You're welcome to do your own searching or use the following websites:
Gadgets Weblog
Think Geek
Bluejacking Tech Tools

2) Print a copy of the gadget w/ your name on it and put it in the in bin - first come first serve, no more than 1 person per gadget.

3) You will present to the class about the tool for the purpose of convincing them that they need to buy the tool or gadget. Create a PowerPoint Presentation or Google Presentation. This presentation must include the following:

  • Name
  • Price
  • How it works
  • A picture of the product or products
  • Manufacturer
  • Why they should want this product.
  • Your personal opinion about why this product is a cool technology innovation.

4) When complete, you will upload this presentation to your wiki.