Welcome to Google SketchUp Independent Project

Phase 1

Getting Started with SketchUp
Complete a minimum of one project in Phase 1
Watch one of the tutorials on the link below and create a project highlighting the use of that particular tool.

Google Sketchup Phase 1 Tutorials

Phase 2

Modeling in SketchUp
Complete a minimum of two projects in Phase 2.
These tutorials get a bit more in depth and highlight just how fun and detailed a user can get with Google Sketchup.
In Phase 2 a project may consist of techniques learned in a variety of the tutorials posted on this page.
You might also be interested in creating a car using a Youtube video and blueprint website for one project of this phase.
Create a Car

Google SketchUp Phase 2 Tutorials

Phase 3

Model Optimization
Expert SketchUp users will find these video tutorials very helpful. They explore advanced techniques for optimizing your models, improving your efficiency and working with complicated forms. If you are interested in architectural design, Phase 3 will be very interesting.

Google SketchUp Phase 3 Tutorials

Phase 4

Google Earth
Creating models for Google Earth presents a unique challenge compared to everyday SketchUp modeling. This phase of tutorials cover the techniques you need for making great models specifically for Google Earth.

Google SketchUp Phase 4 Tutorials

Phase 5

Try some self-paced tutorials from the Google warehouse.
Google Warehouse Tutorials
3DVinci Came across this site. You'll have to weed through resources as some are free, some not. Make a puzzle in SketchUp.
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