**Norse Mythology** - After studying Norse Mythology, our third and fourth graders wrote their own Norse Myths
Delight and Wisdom - A book of poetry written by third, fourth, and fifth grade students
**Aspirations to Greatness** - From our seventeen biographies, in the form of informational slide shows, you will find a variety of people from many cultures, nationalities, faiths, and time periods.
**Grammar Zoo** - Learn about the parts-of-speech and quiz your knowledge
**Heroes Herald Mythology News** - A newsletter featuring the adventures of Greek gods and goddesses
**2005 in Poetry** - A one-year calendar of poetry by students
**Thinking Through Literature** - Literature study guides prepared by our students for six of our favorite novels
**Black History Heroes** - Biographies of fourteen famous Black Americans
**Fabulous Fables**- Original fables by our third graders
**Tall Tales of the West** - The tallest tales you can imagine!

Lyrical Lines - **4th/5th Grade Poetry Book** and Third Grade Poetry Book
**ABC Artist Research** - Biographies of six famous artist in ABC format
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Literature Study
Aesop's Fable Skits - Original skits inspired by Aesop

Watch and Learn Math Clips - Math concepts video clips

Literature Studies for Critical Thinking - Nine literature units

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave - Flag history

Inventive Genius - Inventor biographies, How-to poems, and quotes
Earthquake vs. Volcano - Would you rather live near an earthquake fault or a volcano? Check out our research and decide for yourself

Unsolved Mysteries - PowerPoint Slide Shows about ten "mysteries"

A Century in Review - A Final Look at the Decades of the 20th Century

Tall Tales, Arizona Style - Original Tall Tales

Brisas Museum of Art History - Art of six ancient civilizations

Poet's Bookshelf - America's Greatest Poets

Museum of Art Masters - Artists' Biographies and Poetry

Life in the Middle Ages - A Look into Medieval Life

Images of Greatness - Biographies and Quotations Quiz

**Have** **You Heard the Sound of . . .?** - A colorful poetry page

Wide World of Verbs- Tutorial and practice of verbs

Original Fables - Inspired by Aesop

Hyperstudio Stacks- Student Research