Human Body PowerPoint Project
external image human_body.jpg
Welcome medical students! You know that the human body is amazing!!! You are in charge of sharing your knowledge of the human body with your fellow students. Share this information in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Your PowerPoint must include the following:
  • A title card with at least one picture. You must insert at least two pictures in your PowerPoint.
  • A total of at least five cards, including the title and resource cards.
  • Focus on some aspect of the cardiovascular or respiratory system.
  • Include an overview of the other systems.
  • Format background.
  • Use both print resources and internet resources. Look back at your notes. Remember: Include a section where you cite your resources.
  • Your resources may include information from these sites and other appropriate sites you might find:
  • Human Body Systems
    The Amazing Human Body
    My Body (all parts - not just systems)
    Yucky Science
  • Be sure to select timing of cards through custom animation. Create slide transitions. Include sound effects during transitions or graphic animations.
  • Be sure to self assess using the Human Body PowerPoint Rubric.
  • You will present your PowerPoint findings to your colleagues in class.
To learn more about blood, check out this PowerPoint from the Red Cross.....Blood.