One day you like someone. The next day you don’t. Angry, you say something or post something online.
It gets passed around quickly and easily. So now, everybody knows about it and everybody talks about it in
school. While maybe you are mean only once, when you do it online your posting or message is repeated
again and again as it gets passed around. Meanness multiplies.

When kids are intentionally and repeatedly mean to one another using cell phones or the Internet, it’s called
cyberbullying. Sometimes kids can handle cyberbullying and not get too upset. Other times, it can make kids
feel angry, frustrated, sad, or afraid.

What can you do:

  • Refuse to pass along cyberbullying message. Take a screen shot of any inappropriate messages you receive.
  • Tell friends to stop cyberbullying.
  • Block communication with cyberbullies
  • Report cyberbullying to a trusted adult

Cyberbullying Reflection Questions

Want to know more about Cyberbullying? Visit the National Crime Prevention Council's page on Cyberbullying.