Media Literacy Question of the Day
How can reporters effectively communicate changing and breaking news to a television audience?
* They can communicate by using technology.
Daily Discussion Questions
What was the magnitude of yesterday's earthquake near Indonesia? How did residents and officials react to this quake? How might authorities alert residents of a possible tsunami after an earthquake? How might authorities best communicate this information in urban and rural areas?
*The magnitude was 8.6
*i think that the residents was trying to keep themselves safe.
The authorities might have told the residents the day before that there was going to be an tsunami after the earthquake.
I think that the best way to communicate for the authorities was showing news on T.V
What is autism? According to the report, what is the unemployment rate for Americans with autism? What are some ways in which this challenge is being addressed? How else do you think it could be addressed?
*Autism is a person that sees the world differently from others
*The unemployment rate for Americans is 88%.
I think that people with autism have a hard time getting along with others.
According to the segment: What role do some dogs play in the U.S. military? How have these dogs saved lives? What unique characteristics may make these dogs useful for military service? What strengths might different breeds have? Can you think of other ways in which animals could serve in the Armed Forces? Explain.
A role that dogs play in the U.S military is finding mines underground. Yes, the dogs saved many lives. A unique characteristic a dog might have is that they can smell really well. I think that different breeds can do different things.I think that an animal can help be finding attackers from above.