Name: Abigail C

Nickname(s):Abby and Abadoodle

Name Acrostic:
Boring (NOT)

Members of My Family:My sister Lizzy, my brother Matthew, my mom Emily, and my dad Howie.

Favorite Foods:Cheese, fudge, soup, fro yo, and nachos

One place I would like to visit at some point is:Paris,France

Likes:Art, science, singing, dancing, sleeping, eating, and LOVE Lady Gaga.

Dislikes:Jelly, the dark, being alone, Justin Bieber, and fruit.

My favorite thing about myself is:I can make anyone laugh no matter what there doing.

Some interesting facts about me are:I am ubsesed with lady gaga.I started walking when I was only 10 months old.When I started walking, I was so short I could walk under this table at my house without hitting my head or ducking.